100 SQUARE FOOT OF 70mil Thick Sound Control Mat


  • 70 mil 100 sq ft
  • 2 rolls 33'long by 18" wide
  • Free Plastic Roller
  • Instruction Sheet

By applying Sound Control Mat to any clean, dry surface you will reduce unwanted vibration and heat transfer from the engine/transmission compartment.

  • You will reduce road noise.
  • super flexible aluminum-retaining layer.
  • Molds easily around all curves and corners without the need for heat gun.




Trust in Sound Control Mat to help provide a quiet and cool ride!


Proudly MADE in the U.S.A.


Sound Control Mat has been used by auto restorers for over 10 years.


Sound Control Mat will keep the heat off your feet. We all know how hot the floor boards get from the BIG V8. Sound Control Mat will also keep that open exhaust sound where it belongs OUTSIDE the cock pit. You deserve to enjoy the ride to the show. Let Sound Control Mat provide that quiet ride at an affordable price!



Acoustic Loss Factor @ temperature using ASTM E756 method @ 200 HZ:

E756 @ 200 HZ

0.17 @ 0C (32f)

0.20 @ 10C (50F)

0.31 @ 20C (65F)

0.23 @ 30C (86F)

0.18 @ 40C (104F)


Why Sound Control Mat?


Consumer question:  “Why should I use Sound Control Mat?”


Answer: Sound Control Mat will reduce unwanted road noise and vibration by adding structural mass and dissipating the unwanted noise through our thick 80-mil mat.


Consumer question:  “How difficult is Sound Control Mat to install?”


Answer: Sound Control Mat installs in three quick and easy steps 1. Measure and cut the mat to desired size/shape. 2. Peel back the release film from the mat. 3. Position the mat in desired location and use the provided roller to activate the pressure sensitive adhesive.


  • Sound Control Mat Sound Deadener is one of the thickest (.080 inches) sound deadening mats on the market.  By applying Sound Control Mat, you will increase the structural mass of your vehicle and improve ride quality.
  • Sound Control Mat has an aluminum constraining layer that protects your vehicle from heat while remaining very flexible for a sure fit and seal to the inside of any surface without ripping or tearing.
  • Because of its flexibility, Sound Control Mat is very easy to install and will bond to all of the contours of your vehicle for an airtight seal that yields excellent dampening results.
  • Sound Control Mat has made sound deadening extremely affordable when compared to the competition. Whether you are in a decibel competition or if you just want a nice, quiet, road-noise-free ride, you can now afford professional sound deadening at a fraction of the competitors price.
  • All of this being said; Sound Control Mat is the only sound deadener you should consider when addressing unwanted road noises and rattles whether you are a consumer, Distributor or Dealer.


    Our goal is to be not only the best sound deadener on the market, but also the most affordable and popular.  We have worked extensively to maintain the highest standards of quality and we are sure that once you’ve tested our products for yourself that you will agree that Sound Control Mat is the only solution to your sound deadening problems.


    The Sound Control Mat Advantage!

    Sound Control Mat is thicker than the leading brand of sound deadener, giving you more dampening material for your money.

    Sound Control Mat is a high performance sound deadener that not only stops rattles and vibrations in your vehicle, but also increases your sound pressure level for any sound system.

    Sound Control Mat is incredibly flexible, making it very easy to apply to any vehicles’ interior.

    The adhesive backing used on Sound Control Mat is pressure activated. Once pressure is applied the adhesive becomes incredibly strong, making it very easy to install even in the most adverse conditions.

    Sound Control Mat is sold in 25, 50 and 100 square foot rolls, which makes it much easier to cover large interiors.

    Sound Control Mat is not only flexible; it is very strong, allowing it to be installed over sharp corners, holes and joints without ripping or tearing.

    Sound Control Mat is incredibly affordable when compared to the other leading brands of sound deadening material.  This allows even the most cost conscious sound system engineers to spend less money on sound deadening and creates a bigger budget for components and hardware.

    The simple fact is this:  Sound Control Mat sound deadener will revolutionize automotive sound deadening because it makes it affordable for all car audio enthusiasts, custom coach manufactures, auto restorers, and anyone who is tired of road and engine noise to sound deaden their vehicles at an affordable price!

    Sound Control Mat will reduce road noise, unwanted vibration, heat transfer, and speaker vibration.



    Sound Control Mat will reduce road noise, unwanted vibration, heat transfer, and speaker vibration.
    Sound Control Mat
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